What is tdkp/AQUA
tdkp/AQUA is an optoelectronic simulation framework aimed at the description of electroluminescence in semiconductor nanostructures such as light-emitting diodes. tdkp is a stand-alone finite-element software able to accurately calculate strain, built-in fields due to spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization, bound quantum states using k ยท p theory, gain and luminescence spectra in zero- to three-dimensional structures. AQUA calculates transport through nanostructures using a model which accounts for the distinct behaviour of carriers confined to active regions and unconfined carriers. Furthermore, it computes electroluminescence spectra via a self-consistent coupling of the confined carriers to quantum-mechanical calculations using tdkp. tdkp/AQUA have been developed by Sebastian Steiger and Ratko G. Veprek during their PhDs at the Integrated Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich, within the publicly funded project ‘SNF-GAIN’ 200021-107932.

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